Towing and Transportation

Lansvale Smash Repairs will arrange transportation of cars from anywhere in N.S.W. or Sydney metropolitan area free of charge providing our towing service is contacted. We can also provide accident procedure brochures for metropolitan based cars to gain access to a 7-day 24-hour towing service. In the event of an accident after hours the towing service will take the vehicle to a secure holding yard.

Free Third Party Quoting Service

In the event that our corporate client is at fault, Lansvale Smash Repairs will provide our client with a competitive quote on the third party vehicle at no cost to our corporate client.

The Accident Procedure Brochure

Lansvale Smash Repairs accident procedure brochure is available for each of your vehicles. It instructs your driver how to contact Lansvale Smash Repairs and gives the driver access to our corporate client services.

Free Taxi

Lansvale Smash Repairs will get your driver home by providing a free taxi within the metropolitan region, providing that the driver contacts our towing service.

Replacement Vehicle Service

Replacement vehicles are available to our corporate clients. Conditions and pricing apply. This is regardless of the extent of damage.

Priority Repairs

Upon authorisation of repairs the work will be scheduled so that the corporate clients vehicle will receive priority.

Additional Services to Corporate Clients

Lansvale Smash Repairs offer a range of additional services to corporate clients. These services are designed to add value for our corporate clients.

    The Lansvale Smash Repairs unconditional lifetime of ownership guarantee covers the period our corporate client owns the vehicle.
    Lansvale Smash Repairs provides complimentary pick-up and delivery of vehicles to and from corporate clients business premises or leasing facility.
    We specialise in painting commercial vehicles to company's fleet colours, i.e. Stripes, Graphics or complete Resprays.

Unconditional Guarantee