The Quality Assurance Process

It is the quality repairs process that Lansvale Smash Repairs has developed that distinguishes Lansvale Smash Repairs as an industry leader. By using the Caroliner alignment system, the precise realignment of a vehicle to the manufacturer's specifications is guaranteed at any stage of the repair operation. Having repaired the vehicle the next stage is the painting operation. This is carried out in a fully down drafted spray booth and then baked to achieve a quality baked enamel finish. The combination of this repair process utilising the people, the equipment and quality products allows Lansvale Smash Repairs to unconditionally guarantee the repairs to your vehicle for the life of the vehicle, (including PPG Auto Refinish 3 year warranty on paint).

A System That Ensures Quality

Our repair process is designed to include quality checks that prevents your vehicle moving to its next stage before approval from our quality controller. The final check is the Lansvale Smash Repairs pre delivery, quality and safety check that ensures our stringent quality programme has been adhered to.

Pre-delivery Quality And Safety Approval

Having passed this final area and gaining approval from our specialist team, the proprietors of Lansvale Smash Repairs know that all repairs have been performed to their client's satisfaction and the vehicle is returned with an unconditional guarantee for the life of this vehicle.

Pre-Deliver Wash And Cleaning Of Vehicle

Every vehicle is washed and cleaned prior to delivery.

Client Questionnaire

Every driver is supplied with a client questionnaire, which is addressed to the Customer Services Manager, with pre-paid postage. Ensuring consistent high standards of quality.